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Throw A Hot Cocoa Party For Under $40!

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Hot Cocoa Bar

Throw A Hot Cocoa Party For Under $40!

As a family, we have decided to start working on goals early. No need for us to wait for New Years! One of our goals is to be more intentional about spending time with family and friends. We want to invest in other people and build our village. The holidays can be a hectic time, especially if you have little ones, so we decided to have our First Annual Hot Cocoa Party. This way we could spend some time with friends, the kids could enjoy some goodies, and it was all in the comfort of a family home (not a busy mall or similar venue).

Since I am in Marketing and Community Outreach, event planning is a favorite pastime of mine, so (while researching for work of course), I have come across adorable pics of Hot Cocoa Bars at Christmas Parties. This gave me the idea. We could have a cute focal point for the party, but it could still be inexpensive, fun, and laid back. So, I got to planning. As I’ve mentioned before, Victor is obsessed with this time of year. Even with working full time, going to school, and being the Man of the House, he budgeted time to make sure the house was festive both inside and out. Including this adorable welcome for our guests…

Hot Cocoa Bar

Hot Cocoa Party Inflatable the gingerbread man pops up!


We have friends in all seasons of life, but we really wanted this night to be a fun, easy night for families with young children. Not all of our friends are on social media, so I decided text was the easiest way to reach out to everyone. I should have sent the invite out at least a couple of weekends before the party, but have been so busy since returning back to work from maternity leave that I sent them out the weekend before. Luckily, I had mentioned it in passing to a few of our friends weeks before, so they were still available for our planned date.

Prep Time

Still have some decorations to make with the kiddo.

After decorating the house, we went out for all the goodies. All of our guests volunteered to bring something to share as a snack, so we only had to provide Hot Cocoa. We decided to keep it simple. We bought a few gallons of milk. I picked out four different candy toppings (Crushed Andes Mints, Crushed Andes Peppermints, Marshmallows, and Caramel pieces). Each bag of candy was $2. I normally make my own whipped cream, but we were running low on time, so I bought two cans that were 2 for $4. Then, we picked seasonally flavored hot cocoa. These were the most expensive item, but you could save some $$$ by just buying some powdered cocoa. Victor bought some cream filled wafers and pretzel rods that we dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with Christmas sprinkles. I already had some cute bowls for the treats, but needed to buy some jars for the candy. Last minute, we picked up some styrofoam cups for 98 cents just in case. While we were prepping, he put on a big pot of coffee and I put out some Cinnamon and Apple Spice Tea bags. After everything was ready, we set it all up in the dining room.

My mom wrote out our board. It came out so cute!

Hot Cocoa Time

The night turned out to be a success. We enjoyed the company of old friends and got to know some new friends better. Bubba enjoyed having kids to play with and Bitty enjoyed ALL the attention. (We had her in her swing while we were prepping and when people first started to arrive, so she was refreshed from a nice long nap.)

It was a fun time had by all. But, now that we are full of sweet treats and drinks, I foresee, a diet goal in our future. Maybe after the Holidays. I hope this inspired you to plan your own fun time with family and friends. We wish you a Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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