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BzzAgent Plum Organics Baby Food Unboxing and Review

Watch My Unboxing of the Plum Organics Baby Food BzzAgent Campaign

I received the Plum Organics Baby Food Campaign from BzzAgent. I have written about BzzAgent before here. BzzAgent is a word of mouth marketing site that sends you FREE products in exchange for your honest opinion. I love being one of the first to try out new products! I have received some things I absolutely loved and somethings that weren’t my cup of tea, but it is so fun to try out all the products they send me.

The Plum Organics Baby Food Review

Tower of Plum Organics Baby Food

My picky little girl loved these! Sometimes she will stick up her nose at certain flavors of other brands. I was most concerned about her trying the Pumpkin, Banana, Papaya, Cardamom. The variety of flavors and a very fragrant spice in a baby food was something I had not seen before and wondered if the complexity of flavors would suit her palate. Yeah, what do I know, she loved it! I think it was her favorite because she would open wide and start to suck on it in her mouth before swallowing. It seemed she was savoring every bite.

Plum Organics Pumpkin Banana Papaya Cardamom

Bitty grabbed the bowls a few times when we were feeding her. These were pretty sturdy and did not tip over even with a rounded bottom. No spills! 🙂  I really like that there is a place to circle the day of the week the bowl was opened! It helps us keep better track of what needs to used and if something is still safe for baby.

Plum Organics Days of the week

The one thing I hope is improved upon is the cap is not as tight to the bowl once the vacuum seal plastic is removed. I’m a worry wart and just think of all the germies in my refrigerator getting into my daughter’s food bowls.

An upside to the plastic bowls is we can REUSE them! You know I like to reuse things and save money on containers. We washed them and used them for paint, slime, and snacks! The slick plastic cleans out well in hot soapy water.

These new Plum Organics Baby Food Bowls are pretty great. I can definitely see us getting some for both on the go and home feedings. Thank you for reading my review and be on the lookout on social media as I hope to have some coupons for his product to pass some savings on to you! See you next time as we continue to explore new ways of living on less!


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