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Agape Love Box Review!

Guess who’s 7 year wedding anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks?  Victor and mine! (Mine and Victor? which is grammatically correct?)  Anyway, we are excited. We don’t have any plans, but we are always grateful for another year together. There is not another man on this planet I could imagine dealing with 😉 or having to deal with me for this long. We have had our highs, our lows, our ups, our downs, but it has been an amazing journey so far. Through the years, my Honey and I have had to hold tight to our God and each other just to get through and I am so grateful for the Lord’s blessing on our marriage.

We started our marriage 6 1/2 years into our relationship (I don’t know why, we just did. It should have been obvious to him that I was the most amazing, funny, good-lookin’ gal he was ever gonna find, but at least he finally figured it out… ;)) I digress. We had plenty of time to get to know each other. Discuss our hopes and dreams and get our careers (and finances) in order. So, shortly after we were married we decided we wanted… a BABY. We tried for the first couple years of our marriage with no success. I am not going to get into the details of our discouragement, but I have an amazing, encouraging Honey.

Year three, we decided to just leave it in God’s hands and we focused on us. We spent lots of time together, enjoyed our hobbies and doing projects together and just did what married people do. We were the closest we had been in our entire relationship. The most engaged spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. And then, it happened, when we least expected it. We were… pregnant! We were overjoyed. My pregnancy was not an easy one. I am one of those lucky moms that gets to experience morning sickness the entire pregnancy. :0 But, once my baby came. Oh, I mean our baby… we were so in love…

…With him. Everything was about him. Everything. The first few months of life that is to be expected as the family unit starts to acclimate to a new little person in the house, but eventually, Mommy/Daddy time is in order. My husband mentioned this to me and I agreed, but I never budgeted the time for my husband. It wasn’t until our son was a year old and Victor and I got into an argument that I realized just how much I had neglected my husband, and just how hurt he was about it. I know this happens to a lot of people, but I really did not think it would happen to us. We prayed together, forgave each other, and became more intentional about making our marriage one of our top priorities.

Fast forward to today, we have TWO little time/energy suckers blessings, careers, two small businesses, and my Honey is in school… We don’t have as much time for each other as we’d like, but we are doing great and still running strong because we are intentional about taking time to connect. Sometimes that means taking advantage of opportunities as they come like when we make breakfast together on Saturday mornings. Or get a babysitter and go hang out just the two of us while the car is being serviced, or (no joke) hanging out in the bathroom and talking and joking while one of us is in the shower. Little things like that can help keep a connection strong. Praying for each other and with each other is HUGE. How amazing to love and know someone so intimately that they would spend time talking to the Creator of the whole universe to ask for blessings, and wisdom, and strength, and protection for me. <3 <3 <3

Agape Love Box

One thing we like to do is hang out and look at subscription boxes to get and try out (we have a list…) and to surprise each other with. This may or may not surprise you as we do unboxing videos and review posts often. (Like our January Subscription Box Reviews post.) Well, I recently was given the opportunity to try the Agape Love Box in exchange for my opinion! I jumped at the chance. What is the Agape Love Box you ask? It is a subscription box for Christian, married couples. I’ve seen many “date night” boxes that are geared towards having a good time, but the purpose of this box is to help a couple enjoy time with each other and become more engaged spiritually. We were so excited for it to come and see what was inside that was going to help us connect in the little alone time that we have (think toddler finally succumbs to nap time after fighting it for hours and then the baby wakes up…).

The Unboxing

It is here! Very excited! 


Let’s open this bad boy up and take a peek…

That is a neat set up. It has a card that talks about the theme for the month and has list of questions to ask to start a deep conversation with your spouse. It also has a scripture to reflect on as a couple! There is also a card that lists each item to look forward to in your box. The products are handpicked for you and your spouse in accordance with their Agape principles. Which are:

AGAPE Principles

Our boxes are based on AGAPE:

  • A: Aligning your marriage with Christ- Biblical Material
  • G: Growing together- Main Item
  • A: Affection- “Spice it up” Item
  • P: Personal- Stationary Item
  • E: Enjoy- “Extra lil’ Something” Item
 *This is from their products page here

Let’s See What We Got


Content Card

Mulberry Scented Candle

This candle has a light floral scent. I really like it. My husband thought it smelled a bit “girly”. I will definitely get some use out this. I love candles and the jar is really pretty. The colors will look perfect in my new office…

Lovers Lotto Game Card

Without getting too risque, (this is a family blog after all ;)) we have never really used anything like this before, but were kind of excited to spice things up with something fun and flirty.

Bath Fizz

Okay, I’ll be honest, I took this for me. Not us in a bath together to relax… me, just me. I love to unwind in the bath with a calming scented bath fizzy as I pretend that my three-year-old didn’t just “forget” I was in the bath and peed in the toilet next to the bath for the third time…

Bookmarks with Verse of the Month

These are great! Victor and I try to read together, but I am a total book nerd and he only reads out of necessity, so our paces are completely different. These will be nice so we can be on the same book and I won’t have to slow down and wait for him or read to him after I read the kids their bedtime stories. lol.

The Language of Sex

We have some books by Dr. Gary Smalley. Neither of us had heard of it before, but are excited to read it and grow with each other.

Scripture Card with Verse of the Month

The theme of the month has a Verse of the Month. Our deep-rooted faith is the foundation of our marriage. It has gotten us through the hard times and helped us to enjoy and be grateful for the good. It is what kept us close even when our relationship lacked intimacy on all other levels when the chaos of life overwhelmed us.

What We Think

We have tried many a subscription box and many different types of boxes. This one is unique in a league all on its own. There are some “date night” boxes that may be similar, but this box keeps the foundation of the marriage in mind with each item. The strongest connection one can have with their spouse. A spiritual one. Nothing has more refreshing, restorative power to reignite your marriage and your enjoyment of your marriage than a strong foundation in God’s word and this box points couples in that direction. We really liked this box. The items were fun. We enjoyed spending time together going through the items and planning out when we were going to get to use them. <3  I am so glad I was able to try this box.

The Agape Love Box has two options: The LOVE box which has similar items to the ones shown in this post and is $29.95/month or the “Just Married” Box that is geared towards newlyweds and helping them prepare for a strong Christian marriage and is $24.95 (one-time box). The Agape Love Box is so amazing and until March 31st with the code PRHALF18 they are giving Frugal Dream readers HALF OFF their first box! If you want to try to spice things up and enjoy some spiritual bonding time and activities with your Honey head over and try out the Agape Love Box.

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