About Me

Hi! I’m Priscilla Raquel! I’m a follower of Christ, lucky wife of Victor’s, and a beyond blessed mom of two littles, Bubba and Bitty, and I have two fur-kids, our pup Remi and kitty Tig.  My life is a journey, full of ups, downs, and turnarounds that I am only able to survive and enjoy because of my deep-rooted faith in my Savior. I started this blog in 2012 with the hopes of sharing frugal living tips and of learning from others experiences and guidance in this challenging and rewarding lifestyle.

For me, frugality is not about being a miser or hoarder, but of making wise choices with our finances and resources in order to have flexibility in our budgets, be prepared for unexpected emergencies, and to be available to the call of the Lord to use those finances and resources for His plan and purposes. In light of that, I feel it important to clarify my understanding of what my “American Dream” is as well. To me, this is NOT the (pardon the term) idolatry of the comfort and luxuries so prevalent in our culture, but it is the fruits of hard work, sacrifice, and faithfulness. These can be seen in a family flourishing spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. In a household being financially secure and provided for. In strong families branching out and helping stabilize and build strong communities. And, in being able to freely live out our faith.

(Disclaimer) In all I do through Frugal American Dream, it is my hope and intent that my research, findings, and understandings are completely accurate, but I am not perfect, all-knowing, nor am I formally educated on the topic of financial planning, so I strongly encourage you to do your own research.  This blog and its topics, posts, and content are my personal, honest opinion. As life goes on, my opinion MAY change in which you may notice inconsistencies between older blog posts with newer content.